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50 Years Of Listening and Understanding

For more than 50 years combined, our experienced advisors have provided a disciplined approach to building, managing, and preserving wealth. Today, we remain just as committed as ever to helping you achieve financial independence and peace of mind.

What Sets Us Apart

Each family and institution has specialized financial needs that require a certain set of skills and a service model that exceeds what most traditional financial companies and their employees are able to provide. Not only can we accommodate the personalized service to fulfill those needs, it is what sets our practice apart from the others.

We have advised clients throughout every advancing and declining capital market period since 1972. The fact is, each investment period is unique. Of course, so are the needs of individuals who are looking to comfortably retire and adequately fund college educations or institutions looking to fund annual spending requirements.

That’s why we firmly believe in the importance of spending time listening to you and understanding what you would like your money to achieve over time.

Our clients are our practice, and their futures are our future.

“Are financial advisors legally required to put your interests ahead of their own? It depends on whether they are brokers or registered investment advisors. Different sets of laws apply to these two types of professionals, even though brokers and advisors sometimes do the same thing.”

    David Landis
    “Rules Vary Among Advisors”
    The Washington Post, June 7, 2009
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