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The Team You Expect

Wealth brings with it both opportunities and responsibilities. Whether you are a family steward or a fiduciary, you expect to build on past financial success and make the very best decisions for yourselves and those you love, or to whom you have a formal duty. You reasonably expect to have a long-term relationship with advisors and a Firm with reputations you can trust.

Our dedicated professionals have many years of education, certifications, investment and financial services industry experience. Precipio Wealth Management was founded in 2009 to continue independently our 42 year history of providing the consistent, high level of personal service and objective advice that you need in today’s changing economic environment.

Leveraging Resources – The Future of Advice

We have the superior technological resources and the breadth of investment opportunities that you would expect to find in larger financial services companies. For example, we can advise regarding your outside 401K Plan and incorporate it into performance measurement and reporting. Access to data and information is readily available through encrypted online connections to keep you in touch with your portfolio as often as you choose. Technology also facilitates administrative accuracy, problem solving, timely response, and the team’s ability to stay in touch with clients anywhere in the world.

Culture of Teamwork

Through the years, our culture of teamwork has taught us that collaborating magnifies our knowledge and skills in order to provide greater end value for clients. It permits us to be more readily accessible to discuss with you events that affect your planning as well as our recommendations.


Precipio [prĕ-cĭpˊ-ĭ-ō]
Latin for:
To anticipate, instruct, advise, warn

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