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Building, Managing & Preserving

The need for thoughtful planning and professional asset management has never been greater, especially at a time when confidence in Wall Street’s ability to provide the necessary solutions stands at a low level.

Your continued financial success drives our constant search for solutions that will allow you to continue to build, manage, and preserve your assets throughout your life, as well as, future generations.

Expertise Supplemented Through Partnerships

At Precipio Wealth Management, we have the resources and strategic alliances to make available to our clients the full range of services of a larger advisory firm.

We have strategic partnerships with such premier providers as BNY Mellon, Advent │Black Diamond, and Envestnet │PMC™. The Bank of New York Mellon subsidiary, Pershing LLC, has in excess of $1 trillion of assets held in custody. For our client’s portfolios, we are able to access the professionals and staffs of 133 independent, institutional quality asset management firms that represent 530 investment styles in separately managed accounts (SMAs).

Transition For Your Tomorrow

For many years, our principals directed the Parrish Consulting Group at UBS AG and Merrill Lynch. To assure you of our confidence in your future, as well as, to better serve you, we have transitioned the mature practice to a fee-only business model.

We are able to provide the personalized, unbiased advice of a registered investment advisor consistent with the fiduciary standard.

We are client-centric, smaller scale, and independent.


Precipio [prĕ-cĭpˊ-ĭ-ō]
Latin for:
To anticipate, instruct, advise, warn

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